PE & Sports Premium 2015-2016

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Primary School Sports Grant Impact and Evaluation Report Academic Year 2015/16

Horbury St Peter’s and Clifton CE (VC) Primary School is situated in the small town of Horbury and is part of the Wakefield district in West Yorkshire.

We work closely with the five other schools in our pyramid and have strong links with Horbury Academy. We are a one and a half form entry school, including a nursery unit which has a large outdoor learning facility attached.

The school is very fortunate, having good outdoor facilities for P.E. and games. These include a large playing field, which is used for a range of sports (including sports day) along with a ball court in addition to a hard surface area used for both sport and play.We also have the use of a large hall in the main building.

The school is proud to have gained the Sainsburys School games SILVER award for our provision in P.E. and Games and competition. We have also been involved in the Wakefield change4life school programme, where we achieved a BRONZE award, we are aiming to improve this even further in the coming year.

All the children participate in Sports Day on the school field, taking part in many different activities. We have very good links with the local high school, Horbury academy, as well as local primary schools in the area. This excellent network allows for a strong competition structure, which is led by the SSCO at the high school. The children are able to take part in a variety of competitions, these include the following; athletics, benchball, basketball, cross country, football, netball, rounders, cricket and many more. The top teams from these competitions are able to compete in further rounds, which allows the children to experience competition at a higher level.

PE, sport and physical activity are all very important at our school. All staff are keen to provide opportunities for children to experience high quality teaching and learning.Many members of staff run after school sports clubs to a high standard.This in turn ensures that children of all abilities have the opportunity to extend their enjoyment of PE, sport and physical activity. Teachers also accompany children to festivals arranged by the Academy with their year group and are able to dedicate time to coaching them for these activities.

As part of our commitment to sporting activities, we also provide the children with the opportunity to experience a variety of sports by inviting outside coaches to come into school and use their expertise to coach the children.

West Yorkshire school games- Hockey 2016

Objectives of Primary School Sports Funding

At Horbury St Peter’s and Clifton CE (VC) Primary School it is our aim is to improve the delivery of Sport and PE across the school, increase competitive opportunities both in and out of school and create a positive attitude to physical health.

Our objectives as a school for 2015/2016 were:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches.
  • Continuing professional staff development in physical education and sport.
  • Hosting more competitions and increasing all pupil participation in those competitions.
  • Buying high quality PE and sport equipment - this could include schemes of work and/or more resources.
  • Providing a range of after school sports clubs at minimal cost.
  • Payment of a school cluster sports coordinator.

Boxercise sessions during curriculum time for year 5 and 6

The same coaches also ran a boot camp after school club- New for 2016!

Summary of money received

Primary School Sports Grant Lump Sum


Total number of pupils on roll


Additional Premium for PSSG ( No on Roll x £5 )


Total Primary School Sports Grant


Wake up shake up festival which gives different children the opportunity to participate in competition. As a school we entered 2 teams, due to the interest in the event!

Summary of PSSG Spending

On the announcement of the PSSG, all P.E. co-ordinators and head teachers met to discuss the future of P.E. in our schools. Our SSCO (Leann Beaumont) was able to clarify in detail what the money could be used for and how. We discussed how this could be used in our cluster and all agreed that we wanted to fund the SSCO role for the year 2015/16. The reason for this was that without the SSCO role, we could not enter the competitions, as the SSCO organises them from the ground level, which then gives each school the opportunity to progress through the competition framework and compete at a higher level. She also agreed to spend more time in the primary schools and worked for a 2 half terms in our school.

Record of PSSG Spending by item / project Item / Project Cost Objective Outcome







To organise and lead the competitions, organise CPD for all schools, support each school to move forward with PE.

All competitions have been available for children in school. PLT has had regular meetings, support and advice for PE with SSCO which has driven the subject forward.

Hockey lessons

(year 5 and 6)


To improve children’s hockey skills and develop teacher knowledge on how to coach the sport.

Many children started the Slazenger hockey club and developed skills. Teachers grew in confidence when leading a game.

Rugby lessons

(year 3 and 4)


To improve rugby skills and team games.

Children competed in a rugby festival and developed skills. Teachers grew in confidence when leading a game.




To ensure all children understood the concept of a team game and enjoyed a sport

Children loved working together in teams. Hand eye coordination, throwing and catching improved.

UFS Dance


To improve hand eye co-ordination, balance and agility

The children created a routine, followed instructions and performed.




To encourage children in a range of sporting activities

Children learnt the importance of being active and enjoyed different activities




To improve hand eye co-ordination, balance and agility

To engage the children in dance

The children created a routine, followed instructions and performed.


(Year 5 and 6)


To interest different children with an individual sport, which focusses on mind, core strength and fitness.

The children enjoyed the discipline, learnt new skills and enjoyed these sessions.

Golf coaching

(Year 3 and 4)


To have a taster of an individual sport and develop golf skills.

Children enjoyed golf, many learnt lots of new skills and this appealed to those children who usually don’t enjoy games.

Multi skills

(Year 1 and 2)


To develop skills in a variety of sporting areas

Children had a taster of different sports each week, so they could decide which sport appealed to them most. This was to encourage them to participate in sport out of school.

UFS Football


To develop football skills from an early age

Children had the opportunity to develop in a specific sport and all gained ball control and striking skills.

KS1 Multi skills


To develop skills in a variety of sporting areas

Children had a taster of different sports each week, so they could decide which sport appealed to them most. This was to encourage them to participate in sport out of school.

Multi skills after school club (KS1)


To encourage different children to participate in an after school club

As above


(Year 3 and 4)


To improve hand eye co-ordination, balance and agility

To engage the children in dance

The children created a routine, followed instructions and performed.


(Year 5 and 6)


To learn cricket skills and work as a team.

Children developed their batting and bowling skills even learning how to bowl overarm. They developed fielding skills and a love for cricket.


After school club



To engage a range of children in after school clubs-

Very popular! Was oversubscribed, so we ran it for an extra half term.

After school rugby club



To encourage a range of children to after school clubs

This appealed to different children and the club was full with 30 children.


After school club


To continue the schools success in hockey

West Yorkshire Games finals


After school club



To ensure young pupils are developing a love of sport and active lifestyles.

Very successful club. Full


After school Club


To encourage participation in an individual sport.

Popular club with younger children.

Girls Football

After school club



To ensure girls are engaged in football and not put off by a boys club!

20 girls participated. Full club; had a waiting list.

Rugby Tots

After school club



To engage young pupils with sport

Continued for an extra half term as very popular.


After school club



To encourage and engage individual participation in sport

Some children joined the local club from this coaching.

Total = £7953.50

  • Money was also spent on contributing to year 5 swimming
  • A new sports kit for KS2
  • New class set of equipment for KS1
  • Sports day resources
  • Preparation for festivals

All sporting competitions have been available for children in school.

Nursery, Foundation stage, KS1 and KS2 have had a sports day.


1) Improve the planning and delivery of dance so that if money wasn’t available teachers could deliver dance effectively.

 Dance scheme of work I-moves to be purchased

2) To track and monitor children attending after school clubs.

 Registers will be kept for all after school clubs

 Pupil participation survey.

 Questionnaire to ask children what clubs they would like

 Continue to follow the competition framework for inter-school sport and give as many pupils the opportunity to compete against other schools. Maintain the level of competition at an intra-level.

 Increase participation at clubs and develop further club links.

We are very proud of how much sport we do in our school, we celebrate our achievements in sport through an achievement display board. Children are encouraged to share any out of school awards in assemblies and then pictures are taken and displayed. Festival pictures are also displayed from children competing against other schools. We also have a PE book, which demonstrates all the sport we participate in. We also ask the children what they thought of these activities and if there is anything else they would like.

Fit to learn programme: Run by high school pupils

HOW WE PLAN TO SPEND THE FUNDING 2015-2016 (See estimated cost sheet for coaching and after school clubs)

  • Continue to pay for professional coaches to coach the children specific sports in their area of expertise. This provides coaching for the teachers as well as the children.
  • To continue and develop further the Wakefield Change4life Schools Programme
  • Dance programme of study. I-Moves.
  • To offer a range of after school clubs.
  • To continue sports leaders during play time.

Some of our sporting competitions and achievements

Wakefield Hockey Champions

Basketball- Runners up

Cross Country - Runners up

Estimated Cost of Coaches for 2016 - 17

Estimated Cost for After School Cluns for 2016 - 17